Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 19
Upsidedown and Backwards

Cover of issue 19 Publication date: 1991


A Bean's been acting very strangely! She's sleeping upside down in the day, refusing food, and not going on chow raids. Some of the Beans wonder if she's going to break out. That night she petitions Gran'Ma'Pa for help and guidance.

The next morning, something strange comes from Gran'Ma'Pa and transforms the backward Bean into something new. She starts floating upward, still talking backward, and announces herself as Heyoka. She falls upward into the sky, leaving the Beanworld.

In her amazement, Professor Garbanzo accidentally reveals to Mr. Spook that Beanish also goes up and comes back down. Mr. Spook demands to know exactly what Beanish does.

Back-up story: Tales of the Goofy Jerks
Continued from the previous issue

The Goofy Surveillance Jerks trek to the Hatbox and drop the criminals into it. There they reside in the darkness, reliving their crimes. The Goofy Surveillance Jerks are glad to leave.

Back-up story: Tales of Heyoka

Still falling upward, Heyoka passes through the Inspiration Constellation. Before she leaves, she is given a question and answer:

"How do you know what'cha don't know?"
"Ya ask yer Aunt Petunia!"

In the meantime, Mr. Teach'm is giving an Influence and World Tour. They enter a Service Station, where Mr. Teach'm explains how influences, Reproductive Propellant, and the Goofy Jerk delivery service work.

While Mr. Teach'm is talking with the local Goofy Jerks, Heyoka arives. She enters a bean-shaped influence and changes its shape, alarming the Goofy Jerks. Mr. Teach'm explains the Heyoka's habits and indicates that the Beanworld's stories are far from over.



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