Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 11: Notworm Madness!

Cover of issue 11 Publication date: 1988


The Goofy Service Jerks have made a wrong turn and emerge among the Hoi-Polloi. They are shunned due to their resemblance to Mr. Spook's Fork. They depart, heading upward through the Four Realities. When they reach the Beanworld, they recognize that they've been here before.

The Beans recognize them, and they chat. The Goofy Service Jerks are envious of Mr. Spook's Fork, and while being told the story of how Mr. Spook got his Fork, attempt to steal it. Mr. Spook tries to stop them from flying away with it, and they give up. In the process the Fork is separated into four pieces. Mr. Spook and the pieces of his Fork fall back down to the Beanworld, splashing through the Four Realities. The rest of the Beans immediately go to see if Mr. Spook is okay.

Meanwhile, Beanish's midday visit to Dreamishness is all wrong. It's dark and he can't understand her. Suddenly something appears and tells Beanish this is due to an unbalancing far away. Beanish agrees to help, and they disappear.

In a few moments everything is back to normal and they reappear. Dreamishness wants to know everything, and Beanish tries to explain. [See Total Eclipse for the story!] Dreamishness thinks Beanish had gone completely beyond the frame of the Big·Big·Picture. Beanish is surprised to find out it is still the same day, and he still has to answer the question Dreamishness gave him at the end of their last visit. Beanish answers "Yes!".

After the visit, Beanish goes to visit the Pod'l'pool Cuties. He's surprised to find no one there. The rest of the Beans soon arrive, and Mr. Spook reminds them that must keep the baby Beans' welfare uppermost in their minds. Beanish is surprised that the Goofy Service Jerks destroyed Mr. Spook's Fork. There is only one piece left out of four.

Mr. Spook vows to avenge the death of his Fork.



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