Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 6
Yeah,Yeah! The Clang Twang!

Cover of issue 6 Publication date: 1987


The Boom'r Band has discovered that some Mystery Pods make noises. Professor Garbanzo wants to see what's inside one, but even the mighty Mr. Spook can't crack one open. He doesn't like their clang and twang even though everyone else does. To him they're a danger.

While working on a new Look·See·Show, Beanish remembers his mysterious meeting during the previous day. He returns to his Secret Sketch but has to wait until midday until he returns to visit his secret friend. She warns him that he must not tell anyone of her or he will never see her again. He asks what her name is. She says she might tell him if he returns the next day.

The Boom'r Band is busy making music with the clang and twang of the Mystery Pod. They make a new Boom and call the Beans together to dance. The Beans dance, but Mr. Spook can't hear anything but noise. He warns them again about the danger of the Mystery Pods. Mr. Spook doesn't trust this new dance, the Clang Twang.

Beanish returns and wonders where everyone is. They're all dancing to the Clang Twang, except Mr. Spook. The Beans dance and dance, dancing on and on until they exhaust themselves and fall asleep.

The next morning, the only one to awake is Mr. Spook. When a Sprout-Butt falls, Mr. Spook doesn't know what to do with the Chow Sol'jer Army. The Sprout-Butt manages to wake up the Chow Sol'jers, but the other Beans sleep on. Beanish sleeps through his appointment with his secret friend. The smell of fresh Chow eventually wakes the sleepers.

It's a Goof-Off day! Everyone wants to boom the Clang Twang again, but the Boom'r Band refuses to play it. They realize that it's dangerous to Bean health, and apologize to Mr. Spook for disregarding his advice. They vow to never boom the Clang Twang again.

Beanish meets his friend again that day. She gives him a short talk about power and responsibility.

No letter column this issue


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