Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 15
Jump'n Beanish

Cover of issue 15 Publication date: 1989


While Beanish spends the morning making another Look·See·Show, Professor Garbanzo is doing research. She's unsuccessfully trying to duplicate Beanish's disappearance from his Secret Sketch. Beanish suggests that Proffy make a sketch of her own.

Beanish is wondering about something himself: how are his visits with his Dreamishness tied up with s.

The day's chow raid isn't going well. All the Hoi-Polloi rings are too big for the Chow Sol'jer Army. Mr. Spook has a good idea: he makes the day's Sprout-Butt unhappy and then leads his troops down into Der Stinkle. The unhappy Sprout-Butt annoys the Hoi-Polloi, and they forget that the Beans are nearby. The Beans reappear suddenly and successfully attack.

Back in the Beanworld, Proffy's sketch has failed. She asks Beanish to try again with his so she can observe. When Beanish disappears, the sun overhead brightens. When he returns, the sun returns to normal.

During the visit Dreamishness compliments Beanish on his skill at extending the marvelous moment of now. She's happy that she's getting brighter. Beanish asks her what the s he tangles her up in are.

That evening in the Chowdown Pool, Mr. Spook relates the story of the day's hunt. When Proffy asks him how he knew his tactic would work, he replies that he knows how the Hoi-Polloi think. Beanish, lost in his own thought, makes a connection: are the s he tangles Dreamishness in the same s that Hoi-Polloi produce in the throes of Sprout-Butt fever?

Back-up story: Tales of the Goofy Jerks

The Goofy Sermon Jerk can't sleep. He's haunted by memories of Mr. Spook and the Beanworld. In flashback, we see the Goofy Surgical Jerks making a diagnosis of an ailing Gran'Ma'Pa. It's produced an unusual Pod'l'pool and can only speak through its offspring, a Sprout-Butt. The Sprout-Butt claims that the Pod'l'pool is toxic and dead, and demands that the Jerks remove it. Even though they deny poor service, and there are indications of life inside the Pod'l'pool, the Jerks agree to remove it. Gran'Ma'Pa rests, needing time to heal.

The next morning, the Goofy Sermon Jerk demands that the criminal Goofy Service Jerks be arrested that day.

Continued in the next issue.



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