Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Guest Appearances

Buck Godot, Zap Gun for Hire #4
Palliard Press

Mr. Spook is one of many beings in one panel of a humorous and chaotic ninja fight.

Gen13 #13B
Image Comics

The Beans show up in a rather strange Chowdown Pool.

Giant Sized Mini Comics #1
Eclipse Comics

This comics contains three early ('83-6) single-page Beanworld strips:

This comic has a number of other goodies like Mike Bannon's Tales of the KidneyBeanworld, Rick Weil's Uncle Arthur: Yer Basic Primer of Epistemology and Theology, and three comics by the incomparable Steve Willis. The cover's by Larry Marder too (no Beans on it, though)!

Grimjack #42

At the back of this particular issue is a short called "MUNDEN'S BAR - CLOSED SET!" writen by John Ostrander & Del Close, drawn & lettered by Larry Marder, colored by Julie Ann Sczesny, and edited by Rick Oliver. It is quite amusing and stars Marder's famous Bugs, specifically Hal Kock-Roach, a BigBigBIG Director (who looks amazingly like Uncle Xaspa, the Hip Insect).

Images of Omaha #2

A very cute one-page by Marder of Omaha (the dancing cat) Boom'n with the Beans.

NOTE: this comic contains nudity and may not be suitable for all ages.

Normalman #6

There is a sketch in the letter column of this issue by Larry depicting a Bean-style normalman with an old-style Bean standing on his head declaring, "SITUATION NORMAL!"

Normalman & Megaton Man #1 Image Special
Image Comics

Mr. Spook accompanies Megaton Man throughout this twisted little adventure (which pokes fun at "comic sell-outs"), and the group actually ends up IN Beanworld.

Scout #17
Eclipse Comics

Mr. Spook and the Chow Sol'jer Army (of about 1000 Beans!?!) appear during a ritual involving peyote.

Shi Cyblade #1

Mr. Spook gives this rather comical duo some advice, perched on a dead tree in a swamp.

Total Eclipse #3-5
Eclipse Comics

Beanish goes on a journey to help right things in the Big·Big·Picture.

Zot! #34
Eclipse Comics

The Beans cross over with the backup story The Adventures of Zot! in Dimension 10 1/2 in Matt Feazell's story The Rot Knot.

Note that in another issue of Zot!, one of the characters picks up a copy of "that cartoony bean thing" at a comic book store. That mention generated quite a bit of interest in the Beanworld!

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