Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 17
The Mystery Pods Must Go!

Cover of issue 17 Publication date: 1990


Mr. Spook has had it with the Mystery Pods! He grabs a handful and tosses them off the Legendary Edge.

Beanish notices that Mr. Spook looks very busy. When Mr. Spook tells him what he's doing, Beanish calls on Professor Garbanzo to help. Professor Garbanzo reminds Mr. Spook of what happens when Mystery Pods come near Twinks. Mr. Spook sheepishly admits that he already tossed some over the Legendary Edge. All the Beans go to see what's happened.

The situation is more than Proffy predicted. The Mystery Pods have interacted with Twinks and Slats to produce something totally new. It hangs in the sky far out of reach of the Beans.

Beanish and Proffy duplicate this efficient new Float Factor arrangement.

The next day, the morning's Sprout-Butt is impaled by the Elusive Notworm. Mr. Spook is upset when the Sprout-Butt gives credit for the upcoming chow raid's success to the Elusive Notworm. He is even more distraught when the Sprout-Butt doesn't even care about the disassembly of Mr. Spook's Fork [see issue 11].

Something a little strange happens on the Chow Raid - one of the Spear Fling'n Flank'rs is holding her spears upside down without realizing it.

A Goof-Off day follows. Mr. Spook asks Professor Garbanzo to help recover the Elusive Notworm in order to restore his Fork. They get into an argument and he storms off. While standing around with the remains of his Fork in his hand, the Elusive Notworm comes and starts booming against the end of this unsatisfactory tool. The vibrations are familiar, and Mr. Spook realizes that his old friend isn't dead, just different.

Back-up story: Tales of the Goofy Jerks
Continued from the previous issue

The Goofy Sermon Jerk is angry! He's summoned all the suspect Goofy Service Jerks. With some Goofy Surveillance Jerks watching, he recounts the details of the crime. The criminals start looking very nervous and crooked. Their anxiety gives them away.

Continued in the next issue.



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