Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 14

Cover of issue 14 Publication date: 1989


While the Beans dance the Cutie Cutie Boom Boom, Mr. Teach'm fills Mr. Spook in on some of his duties as a hero. The baby beans need to be taught. To recover the Elusive Notworm, Mr. Spook will have to do it himself.

While Mr. Spook takes the cuties on a tour of the Beanworld's landmarks, Professor Garbanzo goes back to her Float Factor research. When Mr. Spook approaches the Fix-It Shop and Proffy's Float Factor experiments, he refuses to let the cuties near. He and Proffy argue, with Mr. Spook claiming that the Float Factor is "unwholesome" and "unsuitable for youngsters". Proffy gets so angry she takes a walk to calm down.

As she passes by Beanish's Secret Sketch, Beanish returns from his daily meeting with his secret friend. Proffy is amazed and immediately wants to know how Beanish did what he did.

The next day, a Sprout-Butt falls and is snagged on Mr. Spook's replacement Fork. It's not happy with the replacement.

Proffy tries to duplicate Beanish's use of the Secret Sketch but doesn't know Beanish's secret. Proffy observes Beanish disappear while he visits Dreamishness. During the visit, Dreamishness tells him that as long as he doesn't mention her, his power is safe.

On his return, Proffy reveals that he saw Beanish jump up into the sky and then come back down. Her further attempts to duplicate this are futile. They agree not to share any of this with Mr. Spook. Beanish wonders what to do about Proffy.

Elsewhere, the Goofy Surveillance Jerks inform the Goofy Sermon Jerk that the Beanworld murder was actually a case of theft. The Goofy Sermon Jerk demands the arrest of the criminal Goofy Service Jerks.



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