Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 18
Boom the Poing Poing

Cover of issue 18 Publication date: 1990


A Goof-Off day begins with a visit of the Pod'l'pool cuties to Professor Garbanzo's Fix-It Shop. Something's a little peculiar this morning, though. One of the beans is standing on her hands and falling asleep while everyone else is waking up.

Proffy teaches the baby beans about the Four Realities. They learn quickly.

The Boom'r Band is at a loss. Nobody's bouncin' to their Good Morning Boom. They split up and go on a search for inspiration for a new boom.

One of the Boom'rs runs across Mr. Spook telling a story to the cuties. The sound of the Elusive Notworm poinging against Mr. Spook's Fork replacement captivates the Boom'r. The whole Band investigates the potential of the reet new sound. The regular instruments can't make that sound, and something new is needed: a Mystery Pod!

This does not please Mr. Spook. He warns the beans again of the perils of dangerous music. But this new music is not dangerous, and everyone joins in. The baby beans love the new hop. They're growing up.

Days later, the bean who's mixed up is still sleeping upside down. Proffy and Mr. Spook agree: she looks ripe for a Break Out!

Back-up story: Tales of the Goofy Jerks
Continued from the previous issue

After the criminal Goofy Service Jerks have been identified, the Goofy Sermon Jerk pronounces judgement:

Employment termination.

Hardware confiscation.

Incarnation incarceration.

The Goofy Jerks are discorporated, leaving them nothing but bundles of memories in battered hats. Their tu'ba'lu squib'r'ish flew off. The criminals were taken by Goofy Surveillance Jerks on the start of their journey to the Hatbox.

Continued in the next issue.



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