Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 13
Cutie Cutie Boom Boom!

Cover of issue 13 Publication date: 1989


Professor Garbanzo discovers that the Pod'l'pool cuties have changed again! They've sprouted something overnight. Mr. Spook's too busy to go see; he's trying to please an irritated Sprout-Butt that's unhappy with the replacement Fork.

While the Chow Sol'jer Army is away, the remaining Beans discover that the cuties want to be held, and are speaking ("Hoo moo!"). The Boom'r Band comes up with a new boom just for the occasion.

Beanish visits his secret friend. His power and skill are improving.

The appearance of some Goofy Survey Jerks makes Proffy suspicious. She tells them of the destruction of Mr. Spook's trusty Fork by the Goofy Service Jerks. They misinterpret her as having meant the Goofy Jerks killed someone, and rush off to tell the Goofy Sermon Jerk. Mr. Teach'm overhears their report and decides to follow the team of Goofy Surveillance Jerks back to the Beanworld.

The next day, the Boom'r Band teaches everyone the new dance, the Cutie Cutie Boom Boom. Now no one has to wait in line to adore the cuties.

When the Goofy Surveillance Jerks appear, Mr. Spook mistakes them for the Goofy Service Jerks and trounces them. He is greeted by Mr. Teach'm, who (re)introduces himself. They wake up the Jerks and give them the story. The Jerks take Mr. Spook's bad Fork replacement and change it into something new. Then they're off to find the criminal Goofy Service Jerks.



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