Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 16
Love and Sprout-Butts

Cover of issue 16 Publication date: 1990


Beanish gets into trouble while observing the Hoi-Polloi and is saved by Mr. Spook. Beanish doesn't reveal that he was investigating the Hoi-Polloi's ring power.

The next day, while most beans run a relay race with the cuties, Beanish completes his Hoi-Polloi Ring Look · See · Show and then visits Dreamishness. Beanish becomes more befuddled than ever, wondering about bliss and s.

After the race, Mr. Spook trips over some Mystery Pods and becomes angry.

Look · See · Show of Hoi-Polloi ringing a Sprout-Butt Beanish's Look · See · Show doesn't have the effect he intended. Instead of seeing the Hoi-Polloi Ring surrounding a Sprout-Butt as a picture of tenderness, the Beans laugh. When Beanish asks why, a bean tells him they were thinking of Mr. Spook saving him the previous day, and that they most enjoy the Look · See · Shows that have stories with them.

Mr. Spook is awakened the next morning by the elusive Notworm banging on what his fork has become. His attempt to catch it is thwarted when he trips over a Mystery Pod. While he is distracted by his anger, a Sprout-Butt drops from Gran'Ma'Pa. It's skewered in mid-bounce by the flying notworm, and suddenly it's a happy Sprout-Butt, leaving Mr. Spook to wonder what just happened.

Back-up story: Tales of the Goofy Jerks: Goofy Jerk Dragnet.
Continued from the previous issue.

The Goofy Surveillance Jerks go looking for the criminals who tried to steal Mr. Spook's Fork. After running across someone named Limelight in the Jungle of Sleeping Sporeheads, they track the offenders down to the Pod'l'pool service station. They arrest all the Goofy Service Jerks who work in that station.

Continued in the next issue.


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