Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 9
A Gift! A Gift Comes!

Cover of issue 9 Publication date: 1988


Mr. Spook is experimenting with new spears for the Chow Sol'jer Army. With Professor Garbanzo's help, they create a spear that to use with their new tactics against the Hoi-Polloi ring herd.

During Beanish's midday meeting with his secret friend, she once again tells him that baby beans are on the way. During the moment of Now, Beanish thinks to himself that his feeling must be like a Sprout-Butt's before turns into chow.

While dancing the Gift Dance, Mr. Spook notices something strange coming from Gran'Ma'Pa. He runs and gets Proffy, and they investigate. Something quickly grows from Gran'Ma'Pa. Everyone wonders exactly what the gift is. The Boom'r Band comes up with a new boom to celebrate the gift's arrival.

The next day, the beans discover the gift has grown overnight. It's now dangling a big bulb on its end.

While the Chow Sol'jer Army is off on the day's chow raid, Professor Garbanzo works on long range spear development, the Boom'r Band go look for a new boom, and Beanish watches the gift until his midday meeting. He announces the gift to his friend.

By evening the bulb has grown even larger. As he falls asleep, Mr. Spook is haunted by the feeling that he's seen something like it before. That night the top of the bulb rips open, and Mr. Spook remembers what the gift is: a Pod'l'pool.



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